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Michelle Sacchetti

Michelle Sacchetti

Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki


Michelle became interested in natural therapies in her early 20's, after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue. After her recovery, she spent some years casually researching the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation. She eventually left her job in the corporate sector to pursue her passion for helping others achieve their potential by harnessing their bodies ’ innate healing intelligence.
Michelle likes to work with her clients to ensure that they feel safe enough to be an active participant in their treatments, encouraging them to work with their breath during their session to maximise the therapeutic outcome of treatments. Each session is tailored to suit the needs of her client, taking into account how they are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Michelle believes that safe therapeutic touch is an important contributor to the state of one’s nervous system, conveying safety, care, and understanding in a way that the body comprehends. When the body perceives a sense of safety, this is the place from which healing can take place.
During her almost 20 year career in health and wellbeing, Michelle has worked in various settings, including corporate offices, the Non For Profit sector, and a hospital, with a range of clients of different ages and with varying health conditions.

Michelle loves spending time in nature, and through her observations of the natural world, is inspired by the fact that change is a constant in life, and connecting with and being present with our own rhythm can be both a humbling and healing experience.

Michelle also offers wellbeing and courses online to support your nervous system. For more information, please visit her website https://www.flowingenerqi.com.au/





Cert IV Traditional Chinese Massage (Tui Na An Mo), Usui Reiki Master, Karuna® Reiki Master, Australian Bush Flower Essences Level 3, B.Bus., B.A. Grad Dip. Counseling and Psychotherapy, Inner Relationship Focusing Level 4, Certificate Feng Shui & Geobiology


Saturday 11-5pm
Monday 12-6pm

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