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Mind - Vagus Nerve Regulation

Vagus Nerve Regulation

A balanced nervous system supports health, growth and restoration (Stephen Porges MD)


Work with your vagus nerve to regulate your nervous system and connect to a sense of
Our nervous systems talk to each other and the environment all the time. The vagus nerve is a
sensory nerve and forms part of the autonomic nervous system, playing an important role in
keeping us well, from a physical, emotional, and cognitive point of view.
When we are triggered, we might notice a tightness in our chest, a churning in our stomach, and shortness of breath. This is our body’s internal surveillance system, via the vagus nerve,
letting us know that we are presented with a challenge and that we need to act so we can keep
ourselves safe. The excess energy, thanks to a surge in adrenaline, allows us to mobilise
quickly so we can act accordingly (i.e. fight or flee).
When the stress becomes too much, our system can become overwhelmed, contributing to
feelings of numbness, lack of motivation, and exhaustion that don’t improve with rest.
Work with the body to restore a sense of regulation, comfort, and safety
Once the danger has passed, we may continue to feel activated, and/or numb, and feel like we
can't think straight and like there is an internal alarm bell ringing in our system. Our body
believes we are still under threat, even though our mind may logically know that the
challenge has passed.
It is for this reason that we need to invite the body to be part of the solution. What our body
needs to restore a sense of calm, ease, and comfort in a safe connection.
One way of doing so is through co-regulation with your practitioner. By being safely guided to work with the body
to engage the vagus nerve, letting our system know that it is safe for the alarm bells to stop
ringing, we learn how to self-regulate.

Benefits of vagus nerve regulation
A felt sense of safety helps us to turn down the intensity of the emotional part of our brain,
bringing the logical part of our brain back online. This helps us to think more clearly, to
listen, retain information, and problem-solve.
When we can build our capacity to feel safe, this helps us to be more emotionally regulated,
to benefit from improved personal and professional relationships and to be more flexible in
how we approach life challenges and opportunities.

This is suitable for all chronic stress conditions and all ages from 12 years upwards.



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