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Mind - Somatic Counselling

Somatic Counselling

The essence of working with another person is to be present as a living being (Gendlinm 1990)


Somatic counselling works with both mind and body, and has the potential to create real
and sustained change. It can help you befriend the parts of yourself that unconsciously
influence how you feel and which drive behavioural and thought patterns. This can influence
a variety of spheres, including personal and professional relationships, the formation of
habitual patterns, that whilst familiar, may not be in your best interest. Getting to know
these places invites in the possibility for self compassion, the building of trust and self
confidence, presenting you with the opportunity to navigate the world in more expansive
and authentic ways.
A somatic counselling session involves creating a felt sense of safety by slowing down and
guiding you to work with your body to regulate your survival response, once a stressor has
passed, and touch into what it feels like to embody safety. Working to grow your capacity to
feel safe is a core part of the work, which allows you to be more receptive to exploring what
you are bringing to therapy. An embodied sense of safety is central to emotional regulation,
reducing feelings of anxiety and being able to better manage life’s challenges and
opportunities. This allows for a more comfortable therapeutic experience, helping to
manage stressors and triggers that can come about during sessions, so you can become
familiar with how to do so in everyday life.
This approach can be helpful for those experiencing
- anxiety,
- grief and loss,
- complex trauma or ptsd,
- at a crossroads and questioning their life direction
- an unexpected and/or chronic health diagnosis



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