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Medicine - Naturopathy
Where science and tradition meet.


Natural medicine has been healing humans for thousands of years

Where science and tradition meet.

A Naturopathic session can include a Vega test, Iridology, Bio - Well Human Energy Field analysis as diagnostic tools. A pulse, tongue and face diagnosis is also undertaken. A comprehensive dietary, herbal and supplement consultation is taken and tailored to suit the client's presenting conditions and lifestyle. Herbal remedies, flower essences, vitamins supplements and homoeopathic medicine may also form part of any Naturopathic treatment. Stress management and lifestyle issues are addressed as part of the consultation.

Clients who present with issues such as the following should think about having a Naturopathy session: Hormonal Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Gastro-intestinal and digestive problems, infertility, Skin problems, headaches and migraines, low energy and chronic fatigue, period cramps, endometriosis, weight loss and children's health.



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