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Mind - Counselling
Helping the body and mind to align.


Counselling is an important tool in the process of achieving complete wellbeing
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Helping the body and mind to align.

At some time in everyone's life they will need counselling. Whether it's the wise words of a friend or a trained professional, counselling has been a traditional part of our communities for centuries.

Counselling gently helps you unravel the knots in your life, bringing you to a place of greater peace and wholeness. Developing a greater understanding of ourselves brings many positive changes in our lives and has been proven to help our physical health.

Our experienced counsellors have studied and practiced a variety of counselling techniques. Karen Dickson practices Positive Psychology Counselling as well as Ego State Therapy counselling techniques, while Grace O'Brien practices Transpersonal Counselling and Spiritual Counselling. Michelle Sacchetti works using a Person Centred approach, taking into consideration how the influences in early childhood may be having an impact on you in the here and now.





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